Everything You Need to Know About Fares Landoulsi Net Worth and Dating Affairs!

The Tunisian actor Fares Landoulsi came to the limelight after he portrayed the Syrian refugee, Samer, in the Netflix’ 10-episode series, Messiah. But, this wasn’t his first acting role.

Before Messiah, Fares had actually appeared in over five movies and TV series. What’s more, the young actor also won the Arab Stars of Tomorrow 2019 for his significant impact in the acting field.

Well, Landoulsi is just starting his career, and so, he still has a lot to learn and offer. But, within a few years in the film industry, the actor has already amassed a net worth of $300 thousand. Remarkable, isn’t it? Let’s find out more about his fortune, and don’t forget, we’ll also talk a bit about his dating affairs!


Fares Landoulsi Net Worth of $300,000!

As already mentioned before, the Tunis actor, Fares Landoulsi net worth is $300 thousand as of 2020. His worth is thanks to his career as an actor and, most probably, a model.

Fares Landoulsi earned $300,000 from just his appearance in Messiah.
Fares Landoulsi has a net worth of $300,000.
Source: Screen Daily

Recently, he appeared in Netflix’ Messiah, alongside Mehdi Dehbi, Stefania LaVie Owen, Tomer Sisley, and Michelle Monaghan, among others. From his appearance in the show, he might have received around $30,000 per episode, which is the average pay for Netflix series actors. He’s made an appearance in all 10 episodes of the series, so, overall, he should have made an income of around $300 thousand from the drama.

The Cours Florent Drama School graduate has appeared in five more movies and TV series. Besides Messiah, he is best known for his appearance as Yahia in the short film, Omerta, which released in 2018. In addition to this, he’s also had acting roles in Narcissus (2015), Face a la Mer (2014), School (2014), and What the Day Owes the Night (2012).

For his upcoming acting credits, he will be portraying the role of a young frustrated Tunis man angered after being deported from Italy in a short Drama, The Return. Similarly, he will also be appearing in Spring, a show by French-US choreographer Christina Towle.

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Is Fares Landoulsi Dating Anyone?

Fares Landoulsi appears to have a friend he often hangs out with. Fellow actor Sayeh Mariem frequents his Instagram, but are they dating?

Fares Landoulsi with Sayeh Mariem.
Are Fares Landoulsi and Sayeh Mariem dating?
Source: Fares Landoulsi’s Instagram

Well, unfortunately, the answer is a big NO! Mariem has her own family to look after; she and Fares are just colleagues and good friends. So, who’s the actor dating?

Well, Fares is dating, alright, but the name of the lady is still a mystery to us. Not anymore, Landoulsi’s partner’s name is Argui Gancedo. She is a model, it seems. We found out about his dating affair with the lady through his Instagram posts. Here’s a collage of the posts!

A collage of Fares Landoulsi with his probable partner.
Fares Landoulsi seems to be dating the girl in the picture!
Source: Fares Landoulsi’s Instagram

We haven’t seen the duo together after his post on July 27, 2017. Does this mean they have broken up? Who knows? Let’s just wait till the actor reveals his love life himself!

Here’s a bonus for you! Fares has a best friend, her name is Diabo Litta, at least that’s what it reads on her IG handle!

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