Five Unknown Facts of Erin Moriarty!

Erin Moriarty is an American actress who started appearing in the community theater production of Annie Get Your Gun in 2005 at just 11 years of age.

American born, Erin started her professional career after five years in 2010 and, to date, has more than 20 acting credits under her name. Currently, she is playing the lead role in a series, The Boys as Annie.

We have listed some of the exciting facts regarding her personal life in the sections below. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.


5. Dating Singer Jacob Artist

The 25 years old Erin Moriarty doesn’t prefer to talk much about her personal life. So the details regarding her dating relationship are still in the shadows. That said, she’s confused all of us with her Instagram posts, which suggest she’s in a love affair with Jacob Artist.

Erin Moriarty and Jacob Artist selfie on her Insta.
Erin Moriarty’s thought to be dating Jacob Artist.
Source: Erin Moriarty’s Instagram

Her first post with him was in 2013, where she’s captioned the picture, “partner in crime.” Later on, in 2014, there was a rumor of the pair splitting up, but in the same year, they celebrated Halloween together. Well, it really confuses us. What’s the truth? Is she really dating Jacob?

4. Rebellious Child

While being interviewed by the PopSugar, Erin Moriarty said that she was very rebellious during her childhood days. While recalling her past, she stated that she ran away from her home after she felt that her parents were too tough on her.

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Moriarty decided to flee from home along with her friend after her parent disagreed with her. At that time, she was just eight years old.

I just remember that moment feeling very rebellious, cause I made a decision to run away and I was gonna stick to that.

Moriarty on running away from her home.

They walked around New York City and, after an hour, moved into her friend’s house. Her friend’s mom called their parents, and hence, they were sent back to their respective homes. When it was time for Erin to enter high school, she controlled her rebellious nature.

3. Introvert Type

The Boys actress Erin Moriarty is one of those who enjoys her own company rather than of other people. While talking with Just Jared, she revealed,

Contrary to what you’d assume, given my job, I’m a total introvert.

Erin in an interview with Just Jared.

In her free time, she loves to watch true-crime documentary movies, podcasts, or TV shows or even reading some of her favorites books. She also opened up about her love to spend time with dogs rather than humans.

According to Erin,

I would rather hang out with my dog, George, than most humans.

Erin on being introverted.

2. How much is Erin Moriarty Worth?

Having been involved in the Hollywood industry for a decade, no doubt, Erin Moriarty has earned a decent amount. As of 2020, her net worth is estimated at around $1 million.

Erin Moriarty’s Interview.

An average actor in the USA typically gets paid around $46,955 to $69,571, so she also might be receiving her salary in the same range depending upon her skills, the role, and plethora of other factors.

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Her is the list of some of her movies and their box office collections.

MovieBox Office Collection
The Watch$68.3 million
The Kings of Summer$1.4 million
Blood Father$6.9 million
Captain Fantastic$22.8 million
Driven$54.7 million
The Miracle Season$10.2 million
Kong: Skull Island$566.7 million

1. Save the Children

The Red Widow star Erin Moriarty is also involved in philanthropy. Just recently, on March 17, 2020, she took to her Insta to post a photo of a girl while calling out for help.

Erin Moriarty posts a help post during COVID-19.
Erin Moriarty calling out for help.
Source: Erin Moriarty’s Instagram

Moriarty wrote in association with the Save the Children Foundation and their global HEART (Healing and Education through the Arts) program to help get help to the children within the country.

If you would like to assist Save the Children on helping kids during the COVID-19, do check out this link, which was shared on Erin’s IG bio.


  • Her real-life acting superheroes are Holly Hunter, Carey Mulligan, Joaquin Phoenix, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.
  • Her middle named Elair is named after her great-great-grandmother.
  • Moriarty has two tattoos; she loved browsing through tattoo arts in the past.
  • She has an amicable bond with her parents.
  • The 5 feet 6 inches tall actress acted in every episode of The Twilight Zone.
  • The Jessica Jones actress loves margaritas, but her favorite is coffee.

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