Did Dan McLaughlin Lose Weight?

The American professional sports broadcaster Dan McLaughlin lost as much as 75 lbs or 34 kg of weight. But how did he lose weight?

Dan, who’s 5 feet 11 inches tall, had a weight of 175 lbs or 79 kg before his weight loss, which was normal for him. But, he lost a total of 75 lbs leading him to a weight of just 100 lbs or 45 kg, which meant his BMI was down to being underweight.

Following this, Dan’s fans were concerned about his health. Was he ill? Did anything happen to him? Here are the answers!


Why did Dan McLaughlin Lose Weight?

The Cause!

It was August 16, 2020, at 10:45 PM, when Dan McLaughlin was driving his white Chevy Yukon on Highway 40. He was pulled over by the police after his vehicle reached a speed of 40-60 mph and weaved on and off its lane.

Officer Daniel Dunn asked for the host’s license and proof of insurance, but he introduced himself. Dunn asked him to exit his vehicle, and when he exited, Dan’s crotch was wet in the front and the back. He had wet his pants though he claimed that it was sweat.

Dan McLaughlin's Mugshot in Chesterfield Police Station after DUI.
Dan McLaughlin’s mugshot at the Chesterfield Police Station.
Source: Riverfront Times

Dan was taken to the Chesterfield Police Station, where he was held for drunk driving. Here’s the investigation report! He had a bond set at $250. He was placed in front of the court, where he received a sentence of 90 days in prison while having 2 years on probation.

His driver’s license was suspended for a year. He had a $1000 fine and 100 hours of community service to complete. Not just that but, he also had to complete an alcohol treatment program, attend weekly sobriety group meetings, and wear an anklet that detected him drinking alcohol.

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This was his 2nd DUI arrest in the span of 13 months. While his 1st arrest was sorted easily, the second mistake almost cost him his career. His career was on hold, he was suspended from his part-time work at KMOX for an indefinite period, the same was for his Fox Sports Cardinals telecast.

Dan’s whole career was in jeopardy, and that’s what changed his way of life. Then and there, he decided to avoid alcohol at any cost, and that’s what he did!

The Result

Dan McLaughlin started to avoid alcohol. He started having an intense 2-week rehabilitation program and spent at least 5 hours a day in meetings and support group gatherings.

After some time, the court ordered to release him from his ankle bracelet, but he continued to wear it for much longer. In just two months, he lost just over 20 lbs, but in 4 months, he lost as much as 75 lbs in total.

When talking about Dan’s alcohol avoidance, FSM‘s General Manager, Jack Donovan, stated that he’s a very hard worker and that the aggressive attack of his problems cured his alcohol addiction.

He went to rehab and still goes to daily meetings regarding his alcoholism – and the way he had handled himself.

Jack Donovan talks about Dan McLaughlin’s alcohol avoidance.

The Cardinals President Bill DeWitt III also said that Dan’s response was pretty dramatic, but it worked.

You can see tangible results. He’s lost weight (75 lbs), he has said all the right things.

Bill DeWitt III talks about Dan McLaughlin

Dan also revealed about his journey; he stated that he tried to take the necessary steps aggressively. Sometimes he even attended sobriety meetings thrice a day.

McLaughlin further stated that he felt better than he ever had in a decade.

I’m cleaned up, sober, and I’m very conscious” of the situation. “That’s what’s always on my mind, to make sure I take care of what needs to be taken care of.”

Dan McLaughlin on avoiding alcohol.

Well, it’s clear now! Dan McLaughlin lost weight, and it’s all because he chose an alcohol-free life.

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What did Fans Think About His Weight Loss?

Well, Dan McLaughlin weight loss was the talk of the town, and his fans thought he had a gastric bypass or sleeve surgery to lose weight. A fan by the name, Killmate315 thought that his sudden weight loss was due to a surgery.

He looks to have some loose skin, likely from sudden weight loss. I would guess he had gastric bypass or sleeve surgery. As said before, he’s recovering alcoholic as well, so this adds to how fast the weight comes off when you’re low carb, limited caloric intake, and abstaining from alcohol.

Killmate315 on Dan McLaughlin’ weight loss!

Another fan whose account has already been banned from Reddit wrote that his weight loss and gain was due to his yo-yo dieting. He wrote,

He does a lot of yo-yo weight loss/gain. Think about constantly being out on the road 3-4 months a year. You’d prob be fat as f**k too Hahaha plus he’s a pretty bad recovering alcoholic, so I’m sure the drinking didn’t help.

A fan on Dan McLaughlin’s weight loss!

You can find more of the discussion in this Reddit page.

Well, it has been several years since Dan McLaughlin was arrested for the second DUI case. Since then, he hasn’t ever drunk alcohol.

Quick Answers

How Much Weight did Dan McLaughlin Lose?

Dan McLaughlin lost 75 lbs or 34 kg in four months. He was a solid 175 lbs before his journey but after that, he got down to just 100 lbs.

How did Dan McLaughlin Lose Weight?

Dan McLaughlin lost weight after he avoided alcohol. He chose a healthier lifestyle and that did the work for him.

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