The Goldbergs’ Uncle Marvin Dan Fogler Weight Loss Details!

The man, who only appears on the occasion of the Thanksgiving in The Goldbergs, Uncle Marvin, has lost some serious weight. Yes, you heard that right! The 43 years old Dan Fogler looks skinnier in the new episode of the show, and fans are going crazy over his new looks, to be more specific, his 100 lbs lighter look.

What do you think is the reason behind his weight loss? Was it because of a zombie apocalypse, or was it something much bigger? Well, the primary reason was his age. He thinks that it’s better to make changes to his lifestyle at this stage in his life than to lament later on. Hence, he started avoiding processed foods and did intermittent fasting. As a result, he now looks younger than ever!

A number of his fans were shocked about his physical transformation. While some thought it was praiseworthy, others were just too surprised to react. Let’s talk a bit more about his weight loss, shall we?


Fans Started Talking about Dan Fogler’s Weight Loss

Following Dan Fogler’s recent reappearance in the Thanksgiving episode of The Goldbergs, fans noticed something unusual with the actor. The fans saw a skinnier, Uncle Marvin, this year!

His fans immediately took to Twitter to make a note of what they thought about Dan’s new look. Some wrote, his head looks as if it’s on another person’s body and that it almost seems like a computer effect while some joked about Dan Fogler being incomplete.

Dan Fogler weight loss journey and his fan's reaction.
Dan Fogler’s fans asked where the rest of him went after weight loss.
Source: Dan Fogler’s fan’s Twitter

Shock was not the only reaction he received! A few of his fans also praised him for his weight loss. One Twitter user with the handle, WJ Reid wrote, “Dan Fogler lost some weight oh, he looks good.” Similarly, another fan who goes by the name, Justin, also claimed that Uncle Marvin looked incredible after his weight loss.

Dan Fogler's weight loss reaction by a fan.
Dan Fogler’s fan tweets about his weight loss.
Source: Dan Fogler’s fan’s Twitter

Keep on reading as we’ll reveal why he really lost weight in the ending sections!

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Thinner Dan in Fantastic Beasts 3

The actor who portrays Luke in AMC‘s The Walking Dead series is returning with the third sequel of Fantastic Beasts in 2020. He will reappear as Jacob Kowalski in the third series of the franchise.

Did you see Dan Fogler in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them trailer?

While talking about the new sequel of the J. K. Rowling fantasy movie, Fantastic Beasts 3, he revealed that he still hadn’t seen the script. As he had lost weight, he thinks it will be funny if Queenie (Alison Sudol) puts a spell on him to follow her like a puppy or even to become fit. According to Dan, they are still waiting for the new script for the movie and that they will start filming in 2020.

All in all, the Harry Potter writer, J. K. Rowling, is still in the process of coming up with a new script for the movie. Though the actors haven’t heard from Rowling, they will start filming the third installment in February 2020. Best of luck with that!

Now, let’s look at what Dan Fogler, whose net worth is $4 million, had to say about losing all that weight!

What Uncle Marvin Had to Say About His Weight Loss?

Following all the concern from his fans, Dan Fogler took to his Instagram to share what he did to lose all that weight.

Fogler revealed that after he turned 40, his metabolism rate slowed down, so he just couldn’t digest all the delicious sugars and cheese as quickly as he could during his early days. Hence, he had to make some changes to his lifestyle. Otherwise, he would have gotten several diseases, including diabetes and hypertension.

Dan Fogler's instagram post where he shares about his weight loss journey.
Dan Fogler shared about his weight loss journey in an Instagram post. Source: Dan Fogler’s Instagram
Dan Fogler shares why he lost all that weight.
Dan Fogler talks about his weight loss journey.
Source: Dan Fogler’s Instagram

As we all know, Fogler is married to his wife Jodie Capes Fogler since 2009 and that he has two daughters. So, his weight loss is also for the sake of his family, especially for his girls. He says he wants to see his girls grow into women and also be there for them. He just wants to set a good example for his children.

Dan Fogler wishes his wife on the occasion of Mother's Day.
Dan Fogler and his partner in crime.
Source: Dan Fogler’s Instagram

So what did Jacob do? Well, he stopped eating Processed foods, which are usually harder to digest. Besides, he also took to intermittent fasting and took up martial arts to keep himself fit.

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Dan is currently thinking about writing a book about his two-year journey of shedding over 100 lbs of body fat. He is thinking about writing just because he wants to take his curious fans through his weight loss journey!

After his thin look, some of his fans were also concerned about his health, but he denies being ill. In fact, he reveals that he feels more rejuvenated now and that he’s actually added 20 years to his life.

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There were also some fans asking if he was dying, lol! For them, he wants them to be a little more sensitive when asking about such matters.

I know it’s hard to believe that the fat guy got his act together in a healthy way, but come on people show a little respect, huh? What if I was dying? You think I’d tell you about it in the comments section on Instagram? Wake Up.

Dan just wants to be the change rather than wait for the change to happen!

Well, at the end of the day, either chubby or fit, we just love Dan and his acting skills, right? Let’s just cheer him on his journey to come!

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