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If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, then you must’ve watched the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series. If so, you must have come across Jacob Kowalski. The role is portrayed by the multitalented actor Dan Fogler, who already has 61 acting credits under his name.

Not just in acting, but he’s made it look easy for voice acting, directing, and writing as well. In addition to all of this, Fogler also made it big as a comic book writer with two comics already published.

With an astounding career, Dan has already made a name for himself in the industry, not just that, but he’s earned a hefty net worth of $4 million from his career as well. Meanwhile, his personal life is still in the dark. So, here we will be talking about The Walking Dead actor’s personal life.


Dan Fogler Married Life with Wife Jodie Capes

Uncle Marvin from The Goldbergs, Dan Fogler, is a married man. He tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Jodie Capes, on October 10, 2009. His wife is one of the founders of Capes Coaching, where they coached actors and artists.

Dan Fogler and his wife Jodie Fogler at the Scenic Route premeire.
Dan Fogler and his wife Jodi Fogler at the premiere of Scenic Route at Chinese 6 Theater- Hollywood on August 20, 2013 in Hollywood, California.
Source: Zimbio

There are not many details about the duo’s love life, but looking at the facts, they started dating way back in 2001. Dan was already dating Jodie during his Tony acceptance in 2005.

During the interview, the 43 years old called out his girlfriend calling her, “my Adrian.” Here’s what he said,

I feel like Rocky right now, and she’s my Adrian. We did it with this hair and this body. Be brave and be different.

Dan Fogler during his Tony acceptance in 2005

The husband and wife duo have given birth to two beautiful kids, both daughters. His elder daughter is Edi Fogler, who is 7 years old at the moment while the younger one is Angel Fogler.

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Here’s a photo of Dan dressed up as Batman while his daughter donned a Yoda look. We are sorry to say that the photo alongside Dan Fogler’s Instagram has been deleted!

Though it has been years since Dan and his wife married, they are still so much in love. On May 12, 2019, the 5 feet 7 inches tall actor took to his Instagram to share a photo of the pair where he calls his wife, the mother of his dragons!

Dan Fogler wishes his wife on the occasion of Mother's Day.
Dan Fogler and his partner in crime.
Source: Dan Fogler’s Instagram

Well, this just goes to show you the love of this pair!

Fogler’s Family Life

Now, to talk about Dan Fogler’s family life, then he is the son of a surgeon, Richard Fogler, and a teacher, Shari Fogler. He grew up alongside his older brother, who’s a psychologist in Massachusetts, in Brooklyn, New York.

The Jewish actor had quite a supporting family, to say the least. His parents were always supportive of what he did. While talking to the NY Times about his acting career, his father said,

If he were going to med school, I would still be totally willing to aid him as long as he kept on trying, right? So four years go by, and that’s when we had our first talk about how maybe, for your own self-esteem, you should think about working.

Dan Fogler’s father talks about his son with NY Times.

His father continued,

But then I thought, what if he went for a subspeciality? I’d support that. So, that’s another four to five years.

Dan Fogler’s father talks about his son with NY Times.

Well, his mother, Shari Fogler, was also Dan’s number one fan. She, who was an English teacher, always attended all of her son’s theater performances with her husband. Dan’s mom supported so much so that she set up a glass shrine for his achievements in their home’s back hallway.

Dan Fogler's mother, Shari Fogler.
Dan Fogler’s mom with her shrine of her son.
Source: NY Times

Well, Dan is lucky to have such parents who support you on your career choices!

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