9 Celebrities who Tested Positive for Corona Virus

Recently, the world is afraid and shaken because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) which started from a Chinese city, Wuhan. The disease has already spread across 123 countries killing 5,839 people with a total of 156,745 confirmed cases. Since COVID-19 has shown its terror all around the globe, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it a pandemic.

COVID-19 still has 74,971 active cases with over 5.5 thousand people in critical condition. There are 81,774 thousand closed cases with a fatality rate of 3.4% as of March 3.

The disease hasn’t spared anyone! Even celebrities have tested positive for the virus. Here’s a list of stars who have coronavirus and are kept in isolation.


1. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, who’s the wife of the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, also became the victim of the widespread Coronavirus. The news was first revealed in the official Twitter account of the Prime Minister.

The tweet posted on March 12, 2020, only had assumptions of the virus which she thinks she received after returning from the UK. They were waiting for the test results. A day later, on March 13, Justin took to his Twitter to share that his wife tested positive and would be in quarantine for the time being.

2. Nadine Dorries

Aged 62, Nadine Dorries, the British Conservative Politician, who has been serving as the Health Minister under Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock MP, also tested positive for COVID-19.

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Following the incident, the lady has kept herself in self-isolation at home. She first showed the symptoms of the virus while she attended an event hosted by the prime minister.

Not only did Nadine tested positive for the nCov Virus, but her 84 years old mother also became the victim of the pandemic. Both of them are quarantined at the moment.

3. Rudy Gobert

The French national basketball team player Rudy Gobert, who’s 27 years of age, also tested positive for the virus. Due to this, the NBA 2020 season has been postponed for a minimum of 30 days.

Following his test, the Utah Jazz player took to the NBA Twitter page to share a message with his fans on March 15. He thanked his fans for their support and went on to give tips about how to stay safe from the virus. In addition, Gobert also lamented that he should have taken things more seriously before it got to him.

4. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

The American actor, Tom Hanks, 63 and his wife Rita Wilson were the first celebrities to officiate about testing positive for the Coronavirus. Tom took to his Instagram to share the news of his nCov scare.

Tom Hanks shares on his Intagram the news of his corona virus scare.
Tom Hanks and his wife also tested positive for the virus.
Source: Tom Hanks’ Instagram

Hanks reveals that he and his partner in crime tested positive for the virus while they were in Australia for the shooting of Elvis Presley‘s biopic. But, there’s good news to it; Hanks and his wife Wilson are released from the hospital but, they still need to self-isolate for somewhile.

While talking about Tom and Rita, their son, Chet Hanks took to his Instagram to share a video that revealed that the duo was released from the hospital and yet, they would need to self-quarantine themselves.

5. Mikel Arteta

The head coach of the English Premier League team, Arsenal, Mikel Arteta also suffered from the Coronavirus.  Following the incident, the London Colney Training Centre has been closed and its matches are also postponed till further notice.

While talking about the virus, Arteta revealed that it was a disappointing feeling. He said he would be at work as soon as he’s allowed to. But, his return still seems unlikely.

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All Gunners personnel alongside Mikel’s family have self-isolated themselves.

6. Idris Elba

The black superman Idris Elba also tested positive for the coronavirus though he hasn’t had any symptoms of the disease. He tweeted on March 17, 2020, to reveal that he has the virus. He asks his fans to stay at home and be pragmatic.

Following Alba’s tests, a number of skeptics claimed that his celebrity status let him jump line to test for the virus. Replying to the claims, the 47 years old Brit actor said that his job made it easier for him to test immediately. At the moment, Elba and his wife, Sabrina Dhowre Elba are in self-quarantine.

Idris hits back at Coronavirus Theories that claim him and other celebrities alike to be pretending to have the virus.

7. Sabrina Dhowre Elba

As we were simmering the news of Idris Elba’s positive results, things couldn’t get worse! His wife, Sabrina Dhowre Elba also tested positive for the nCOV. The duo revealed the COVID-19 results on March 22, 2020.

While talking about her COVID results, Dhowre said she already expected a positive result. She said,

I’m not surprised, as soon as I heard that Idris was potentially exposed. I was on my way anyway and I wanted to be with him, I think that’s an instinct as a wife you just want to go and take care.

The model furthermore added,

We didn’t change the way we interacted, I could have made a decision to put myself in a separate room or maybe stay away and I’m sure people are making those decisions, they’re tough decisions to make. But I made the decision to want to be with him and still touch him.

Anywho, Dhowre had no symptoms of the disease whatsoever.

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8. Kristofer HivJu

The Game of Thrones actor Kristofer HivJu also revealed through a post on his Instagram that he’s tested positive for the nCov Virus. He took to his IG on Monday, March 17, to reveal that he’s the virus and that he and his family are self-isolating themselves at home.


The Norwegian actor only has mild symptoms of cold at the moment but, he urges people to be extremely careful of the virus as there are people at higher risk.

9. Debi Mazar

The 55 years old actress Debi Mazar, who is famous for her role in Goodfellas, also revealed on March 22 that she has Coronavirus. She shared a lengthy post on her Instagram to reveal about her test results.


She and her whole family had a fever, headaches, and sore throat but it cleared up quickly. Again, when she woke up on March 15, she had all those symptoms but more severe. She got tested on the 17th and on Day 5 post-test, she found out about the results. She and her whole family are in quarantine at the moment.

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