Caleb James Goddard, Son of Jack Nicholson!

Caleb James Goddard is famous for being the son of Jack Nicholson. Like his parents, he is also involved in the entertainment industry.

Born on September 26, 1970, in Los Angeles, California, USA, he is the only son of Susan Anspach and Jack Nicholson.

Paternity Struggles

Susan Anspach claimed that Jack Nicholson is the father of her son, Caleb James Goddard. However, the actor denied the claims during his interview with Rolling Stone in 1984.


She (Susan) says that (Caleb being his son) all the time. But because of the way she’s been toward me, I’ve never been allowed a real avenue to find out about it.

Jack also revealed that he wasn’t convinced that Caleb was his son. Goddard is believed to have been conceived in 1969 when Susan and Jack were filming for the movie, Five Easy Pieces.

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Though he didn’t acknowledge Caleb as his child, Jack helped him get through college. He also helped when his son had a medical problem at age 10.

Jack would say, ‘I didn’t have a father and I’m a superstar. It didn’t hurt me.’ And I would say, But you didn’t have to see your father on every corner. You are ever-present, ubiquitous. You are too famous to do this. It’s unkind.’

Susan claimed Jack didn’t think Caleb needed a father since he didn’t hava father while growing up!

Caleb and Jack only met when he was well into adolescence.

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Adopted by Mark Goddard

Caleb James Goddard was adopted by actor Mark Goddard after his mother, Susan Anspach married him in 1970. After eight years of relationship, they divorced in 1978.

From 1982 to 1988, his mother was married to Sherwood Ball.

Five Siblings

Caleb James Goddard has five siblings from his parent’s different marriages. They are Jennifer Nicholson, Ray Nicholson, Honey Hollman, Catherine Goddard, and John Goddard.

Jennifer Nicholson

Jennifer Nicholson is the daughter of Jack Nicholson and Sandra Knight. She was born on September 13, 1963

Ray Nicholson

Ray Nicholson was born to Jack Nicholson and his ex-partner, Rebecca Broussard on February 20, 1992. Like his father, he is also involved in the acting sector since 2006. He and his father are huge fans of the Los Angeles Lakers

Ray Nicholson and His Dad, Jack Nicholson at a LA Lakers game.
Ray and Jack at a LA Lakers game.
Source: Instagram

Honey Hollman

Honey Hollman was born to Jack Nicholson and Winnie Hollman on January 30, 1981, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Previously, she served as an actress but now, she is a businesswoman.

Regarding her personal life, she got married to Peter Duffy and has three kids: WalterDaisy, and Hank Duffy.

Jack Nicholson and Winnie Hollman's Daughter, Honey Hollman.
Honey is the daughter of Jack and Winnie.
Source: Instagram

Catherine Goddard

Catherine Goddard was born on October 15, 1968, during his mother’s relationship with Steve Curry. She was also adopted by Mark.

John Goddard

Caleb also has a half-brother named John from his adoptive father’s side.


Caleb James Goddard has only one acting credit in his name. He had appeared in an episode of the 1988 TV series, The Slap Maxwell Story. In 1991, he worked as a location assistant for the movie, Guilty as Charged.

Goddard also worked as a producer and writer when he was 25.

Lost His Mother in 2018

Caleb’s mother Susan Anspach died at the age of 75 on Thursday, April 2, 2018, at her home in Los Angeles. While talking with The New York Times, Caleb revealed that her mother died because of heart failure.

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Married to Karine Pouget

Caleb James Goddard is married to a lady named Karine Pouget. The pair are parents to two children, a son, and a daughter.

Caleb James Goddard with His Wife and Children.
Caleb is married and has two kids.
Source: Facebook

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