Here’s What You Need to Know about Willam Belli’s Husband, Bruce Bealke!

Bruce Bealke is an entertainment lawyer who is famous for being married to his partner, Willam Belli.

Bruce’s husband, Willam is a drag queen, actor, and author, who’s made appearances in RuPaul’s Drag Race. Bealke and Willam have been married for over a decade now and their life seems to be going just fine.

Let’s get to know more about Bruce in the sections below.


Bruce Bealke: Husband of Willam Belli

Bruce Bealke came to the limelight after he walked down the aisle with his partner, Willam Belli. The pair are believed to have met in 2001 when Belli was 19 years old. They started dating and eventually married on September 9, 2008, in a private wedding ceremony.

An old photo of Bruce Bealke and his husband, Willam Belli.
Bruce Bealke has been married to Willam Belli for over a decade.
Source: Tumblr

Since the age difference is quite evident, many fans believed that Willam was with Bruce for the money. But, Belli took to his Tumblr to share a photo of him and his husband and claimed that it wasn’t for the money; he loves him.

He (Bruce) was dirt poor, fresh out of rehab and I was paying the rent (in the Valley- that’s where Cher got mugged in Clueless for those non-Angelenos) for the first year so DO NOT be saying he was ever a sugar daddy or I was with him for money. 

Willam on his relationship with Bruce.

Bruce doesn’t prefer staying in the limelight so he’s stayed far from the hassle. Willam respects his decision and lets him be. But, his fans have something different in mind.

Willam Belli replies on a post on Tumblr.
Willam Belli doesn’t want anyone to worry about his relationship.
Source: Tumblr

One fan asked Willam through Tumblr if he and his husband broke up to which he told him/her to not worry about anyone’s relationship.

Did you and your husband break up? You mentioned an ex in a recent video, and considering how long you two have been together, I was worried.

Question asked about Willam’s husband on Tumblr.

There’s no need to worry about everyone’s relationships other than your own said in the most sincere of ways.

Willam answered the aforementioned question.

Willam’s fans have a lot of questions on their minds regarding his relationship with Bruce. In one of the Reddit posts, a fan asked why Belli never mentions him anywhere.

Reddit Question about Willam and his husband, Bruce.
A fan asks about Willam Belli’s husband!
Source: Reddit

As always there were various sentiments related. One fan remembered reading an interview where it was revealed that Bealke avoided the drag part of his husband’s life. The fan claimed that Willam was respecting his wishes and was keeping him out of the drag scene because of that.

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On the same query, another fan claimed that Willam mentions his husband on his socials, not by name, but he does. Also, he believes that the pair were trying to have a baby. (To date, there haven’t been any reports about them welcoming a child.)

Bealke is a Lawyer

Willam Belli’s husband, Bruce Bealke has amassed somewhere around $200 thousand net worth as of 2020. He earned his fortune through his career as a lawyer and an entrepreneur.

Bruce Bealke with his dog.
Bruce Bealke is a lawyer and an entrepreneur.
Source: Instagram

In 1985, he graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a major in Broadcast Journalism. Three years later in 1988, he completed his Juris Doctor from the Saint Louis University School of Law.

Bealke was flat broke when he got out of rehab. He struggled and changed his life around. In 2005, he was appointed as the Chief Claim Officer in LitNeutral LLC (owned by Brahma Holdings LLC). During his 9 years tenure there, the company won “competitive outsourcing of Farmers Healthcare Professional Liability”.

Bruce Bealke's Linkedin Profile.
Bruce Bealke’s Linkedin Profile.
Source: Linkedin

In June 2014, Bealke became the Vice President of GJS Re which a reinsurance intermediary. He was a part of the company till November 2018. The same month, he founded his new venture, Nolitedolum. As per his Linkedin profile, the company is still operational; however, we couldn’t find any information related to it.

In contrast to his net worth, his husband, Willam Belli holds around $1 million worth of fortune. He earned his wealth as a TV star, entrepreneur, singer, YouTuber, and author.

Meet Willam Belli.

The Philadelphia-born actor has over 97 acting credits under his name with the recent being A Beauty & The Beast Christmas and Eastsiders. One of his famous appearances was in Nip/Tuck where he appeared as Cherry Peck for five episodes.

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Bruce Bealke’s husband as Cherry Peck in Nip/Tuck.

Belli has also been co-hosting shows such as ¿Cómo Se Dice? with Rhea Litre and Race Chase with Alaska Thunderfuck since 2018. In addition, she also has three albums under her name with more than a dozen singles. Moreover, she has also authored a book, Suck Less: Where There’s a Willam, There’s a Way, in 2016.

Bruce Bealke Wife Instagram Profile

There’s an Instagram profile with handle, brucebealkewife, which claims that she is the wife of Bruce Bealke. Her Instagram page refers to her as Abrienda Bealke.

Bruce Bealke Wife's Instagram bio.
Bruce Bealke’s Wife?
Source: Instagram

The profile has 46 posts with 20 followers. The DP of the handle is photoshopped with Bruce’s face while all of the posts on this IG are negatively turned against Willam.

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