Five Interesting Facts of Brent Miller!

The Canadian voice actor Brent Miller came to fame back in 1995 when he started his voice over acting career. But, recently, he again rose to the limelight, but this time not because of himself but because of his daughter.

His daughter’s already appeared in over 17 acting credits and with her hits, Ready Jet Go! and When Calls the Heart, she has not only gained fame but shined a light on her family as well making her parents the talk of the town.

Let’s jump right in to get to know about Brent Miller.


5. Voice Actor since 1999

Brent Miller has been a professional voice actor for over 24 years. He started his voice acting career back in 1995 with a number of different voices for the English version of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. Since then Miller has become a voice-over sensation as he voiced for movies, TV series, commercials, and even video games.

This Canadian actor worked with major companies like Disney, Cartoon Network, Lions Gate, Paramount, and even Netflix. Currently, he is the voice of ZANE and a few other characters on the hit LEGO show, NINJAGO.

4. Has His Own Youtube Channel

The voice actor Brent Miller has his own self-titled YouTube channel. On his YouTube channel, he tries to talk about the voice-over world, interviews his castmates with fan questions, play games, and shows off his family members.

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Brent Miller interviews Ice Emperor from Ninjago.

The man created his YouTube on June 30, 2016, and by now, May 9, 2020, Miller has 238 uploads on his channel alongside 21.6 thousand subscribers. To date, his channel has over 2.6 million video views and it’s estimated that he makes $2.7 thousand every year from YouTube.

3. Was In a Hard Rock Band

Brent is not only recognized for his voice work but also as a band vocal, guitarist, and keyboardist. Recently, in one of his Twitter posts, he revealed that he used to be in a rock band, isn’t that really cool?

Brent with his band used to do some covers as well as make new music. Unfortunately, within a few years, they broke up. Recently, he reposted their version of “Born to be Wild” on his Instagram.

2. Coach For His Daughters

Brent Miller alongside his wife Nicole Bouma is blessed with two beautiful daughters, Jaeda Lily Miller and Chelsea Miller. Both of them are recognized for their work in various TV shows and movies.

In one of the interviews with his younger daughter, Jaeda, she revealed that her dad was her acting coach who directs and rehearses with her.

Well, my dad is my acting coach, so he rehearses with me and directs me.

Jaeda Lily Miller on her father.

1. Collected $3 Million Fortune

The 45 years old Brent Miller, who already has spent more than 2 decades of his life in his voice-over career has collected a net worth of $3 million. His 45 acting credits really did work charms for him.

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Brent Miller’s Character Spot in LEGO, Ninjago.

Brent Miller is best known for his role in the animated series LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. The Lego Ninjago Movie grossed $59.3 million in the United States and Canada. As already mentioned, he makes around $2.7 thousand annually from his YouTube Channel.


  • His wife Nicole Bouma is also a voice-over actor.
  • Both daughters are heavily involved in Film, TV, and Voice.
  • His daughter Jaeda has a net worth of $100 thousand.
  • He has his own merch store.
  • Brent has his own recording studio.

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