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Bella Banks, Daughter of Lil Durk!

A photo of Bella Banks.

Bella Banks is the daughter of American rapper and singer, Lil Durk and his former partner Nicole Covone.  Bella Banks was born as their second child on July 24, 2013, in the United States. She has an elder brother named Angelo Banks (b.…

Angelo Banks, First Kid of Lil Durk!

A photo of Angelo Banks.

Angelo Banks is the first child of American rapper Lil Durk and Nicole Covone. Born on November 29, 2011, in the United States, he is the son of ex-couple, Durk Berrick Banks AKA Lil Durk and Nicole Covone. Has a Younger Sister Angelo…

Nicole Covone, Ex-Wife of Lil Durk!

A photo of Nicole Covone.

Nicole Covone is famous for being the ex-partner of rapper, Lil Durk. Professionally, she is an entrepreneur and social media star. Nicole was born on April 25, 1990, in Chicago. Ex-Wife of Lil Durk Nicole Covone and Lil Durk were…