Things to Know about Zendaya Coleman’s Brother, Austin Stoermer Coleman!

Austin Stoermer Coleman! Is he an actor, a singer, or maybe, a comedian? Seriously, how many of you have heard that name?

Fact: Austin Coleman is the step-brother of the Spiderman: Far from Home actress, Zendaya Coleman. Yes, you heard that right! He is one of the five siblings of the Emmy winner.

Do you now, maybe, want to know a little more about Austin? If so, then let’s get started!


Who are Austin Stoermer Coleman’s Parents?

To begin with, Austin Stoermer Coleman is the son of Kazembe Ajamu Coleman (Samuel David Coleman). He is the manager of his daughter, Zendaya Coleman and according to his Instagram, the CEO of KZC Inc, a performance coach, and a music producer. There are no details on his mother but as things stand, he might be the son of Kazembe and his first wife.

Austin Stoermer Coleman's parents.
Austin Stoermer Coleman is the son of Kazembe Ajamu Coleman.
Source: Kazembe Ajamu’s Instagram

At the moment, Austin calls Claire Marie Stoermer Coleman his mother. His stepmom, Claire was a Fruitville Elementary School Teacher and the house manager for California Shakespeare Theater in California.

Zendaya and her mom, Claire Marie.
Zendaya was born to Kazembe’s second wife, Claire Marie.
Source: Zendaya’s Instagram

Austin is a Californian but for his descent, he is an African American credits to his father’s ethnic background.

Brother of Zendaya and Five Other Siblings!

As already mentioned above, Austin Stoermer Coleman is the brother of Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, who was born on September 1, 1996, in Oakland, California. Besides Zendaya, he also has four other siblings, Katianna, Kaylee, AnnaBella, and Julien Stoermer Coleman.

Austin Stoermer Coleman's family.
Austin Stoermer Coleman has five siblings including Zendaya Coleman.
Source: Zendaya’s Instagram

Apart from Zendaya herself, none of his siblings use social media. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t appear on it. The Ajamu family, as Austin’s dad likes to say, occasionally make their appearance on either Zendaya’s or their dad’s social media.

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In 2016, Zendaya revealed to Ellen DeGeneres how lucky she is to have her parents.

I’m really lucky to have the parents that I have. They just have always instilled in me those core values that I think I have to carry with me through everything, you know what I mean? For me, there are a lot more upsides than there are downsides [to living at home]. Me and my parents, I feel like we’ve set boundaries, we have territories. Once I hit 18, I was like, ‘Guys, you know I just kneed you to give me a little space.’

Zendaya on her parents while talking to Ellen DeGeneres.

This interview sure makes one thing clear; if Kazembe and Claire are lenient towards Zendaya, they sure were the same for their other kids, including Austin. To put it another way, Austin and his siblings had a great relationship with their parents.

Zendaya with Darnell Appling.
Darnell Appling and Zendaya call themselves siblings.
Source: Zendaya’s Instagram

Note: We scanned through the online websites to look for any minute details of Austin Stoermer but, a lot of websites have confused Zendaya’s friend, Darnell Appling as Austin. Yes, Darnell calls Zendaya his sister, and vice versa but, that doesn’t mean they are blood-related.

This is all we know of Austin Stoermer Coleman. If you have any information on him, do tell us through the comment section below.

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