Five Facts of Ashley Fink

Born in Texas, Ashely Fink got the opportunity to work in the entertainment industry at a tender age. She made her debut at the age of four while her fame is thanks to her appearance as Lauren Zizes in Glee.

The fat lady from Glee has appeared in 34 movies and TV shows to date. But this is not the end to her career as she also has 3 producer credits under her name.

Here we have listed out five facts about Ashley Fink!!!


5. Mother of a Baby Girl

The 33 years old, Ashely Flink is already a mother to her baby girl, Ava. She welcomed her first child back in late 2018. As per several sources, she welcomed her baby inside a car while she and her husband, Jon were driving to the hospital.

The news was officiated by Susan Shapiro WGAL News 8 with the statement stating,

Ashely Flink delivered her baby girl herslef while she and her husband were deiving to the hospital. Mother and daughter are doing fine.

Ashley is one strong woman, isn’t she?

4. Ashely Flink Weight Loss Journey

When Ashley was cast in the series, Glee as Lauren Zizes in 2010, she was 300 lbs. But, somewhile later, she dropped her weight to 250 lbs and eventually 220 lbs.

Ashley Fink weighed 300 lbs before.
Ashley Fink weighed in at 300 lbs when she played Zizes.
Source: Access Online

When asked about the secret of her weight loss, she revealed that it was her hard work. Working 12 hours a day did the job! She also disclosed that she wasn’t on a diet during that time.

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Check Out Ashley Fink’s Weight Loss Story!

3. Collected $1 Million Net Worth

The Glee actress, who is going to complete 3 decades of her carer in the entertainment industry has earned a decent amount of fortune from her career without any doubt. As of 2020, her net worth is estimated at $1 million.

Normally in the USA, an actor gets paid $50 thousand on average annually, so she also might be receiving her salary in the same range. Here is the list of her some of the movies she has appeared in and their box office collection.

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie $18.7 million
You Again $32 million
The Wedding Video $1.16 million

2. Grew Up With Three Siblings

Ashely Flink was born as Ashley Rae Fink on November 20, 1986, in Houston, Texas, USA. She grew up along with her three sisters: older sister, Stephanie, and two younger sisters, Amanda and Amy.

1. Chubby Since Childhood

The actress was chubby since her childhood days as we can see her childhood pictures on her Instagram platform.

Ashley Fink during her childhood with her father
Ashley Fink was chubby since her childhood.
Source: Ashley Fink’s Instagram

Well, her heavyweight might be the reason for her being cast in movies at an early age. Her first role was in the movie, Fat Girls.

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