Full Detail of Ashley Fink Weight Loss Journey!

Ashley Fink weight loss has been the talk of the town since she appeared as Lauren Zizes in the American Musical Comedy Drama, Glee. During her first-ever appearance in the show, the lady weighed in at 300 lbs but later, she dropped to as much as 250 lbs.

What are Ashley’s weight loss secrets? Unfortunately, there’s no secret to her new look! She lost weight because of her hectic work schedules and that’s about it.

Did you know Rosie O’Donnell couldn’t believe Ashley was a fit for the role of Lauren Zizes in Glee? Well, keep on reading to know about their claims and Fink’s weight loss journey!


Rosie O’Donnell’s Comments and Ashley Fink’s Reply

Ashley Fink is famous for her appearance as Lauren Zizes in Glee. While portraying the chubby character, Zizes finds herself in a romantic affair with thinner guys, which Rosie O’Donnell thinks is unbelievable.

A Collage of Rosie O'Donnell (left) and Ashley Fink (right)
Rosie O’Donnell criticized Ashley Fink’s Glee Role.
Source: NY Daily News

Rosie stated that Fink’s character is so unlikeable and that the creators of Glee had to cast a pretty heavy girl.

They should’ve gotten someone beautiful like Brooke Elliot.

She went on with her rant and divulged that Fink getting to play such a loveable role strikes every overweight woman she knows. Not only that but the heavy-thin relationship portrayed in the series also sparks strong feelings for heavy people. At least, that’s what she believes.

Every woman I know who’s heavy has strong feelings about that storyline. They’re like, ‘Can you believe that? I think that’s horrible. That never happens in school.

Though O’Donnell didn’t like what she saw, she always believed the creators would change the course and make Puck (Mark Salling, who plays the boyfriend of Zizes), break Ashley’s heart. But, much to her shock, it was the other way around.

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Ashley Fink as Lauren Zizes in Glee. Glee- I Know What Boys Like!

Well, following Rosie’s comments on Ashley’s characters, Fink also had a say about it.

Ashley revealed that she’s got swagger and she doesn’t find her storyline unrealistic. She even shared her story where she revealed that she dated the cutest boy in school while attending the performing arts high school.

My storyline has resonated with a lot of people, plus-sized and not, who don’t feel “other,” so I’m honored to portray Lauren.

While talking to Advocate, she also revealed that she would, someday, address Rosie’s comments personally.

If I see her, I might be like, “Woman, let’s talk about this. Don’t be jealous cause a big girl’s doing her thing on Glee.”

Well, whatever it be, Fink is not fazed by it and she still thinks highly of Rosie and respects her opinion.

Ashley Fink Weight Loss

Now to talk about Ashley Fink weight loss journey, then it all happened in 2010-11 while she was playing the role of Zizes in Glee.

Ashley Fink weighed 300 lbs before.
Ashley Fink weighed in at 300 lbs when she played Zizes.
Source: Access Online

Was her weight loss because of dietary restrictions? If this is what you’re thinking about then it’s not! While talking about the dietary services in Glee, she revealed that the show didn’t do anything to restrict their stars from eating whatever they loved. Basically, the set had a lot of brown rice and avocado but, some were also eating bagels on a daily basis.

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During the same interview, she also revealed that she’s been losing weight because of her hectic shooting schedule.

I’ve actually been losing weight because I’m working 12 hours a day, dancing my *** off.

The data might be off! But, according to a media outlet, cityofedmontonnews, she weighed in at 300 lbs while playing Zizes. However, after she lost weight, she weighed in at 250 lbs, 50 lbs lighter than she used to. According to the same outlet, her lowest weight was 220 lbs around 2015-16.

Ashley Fink during her childhood with her father
Ashley Fink was chubby since her childhood.
Source: Ashley Fink’s Instagram

Things were always the same for Fink as, since her childhood, she’s been a heavy girl. This might also be the reason, why she was cast in the movie, Fat Girls and then the TV show, Huge, which was about seven teens and the staff at a weight-loss camp.

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Ashley Fink Now

For her recent endeavors, Ashley is still rocking it in the entertainment industry. In 2019, she appeared in three movies and for this year, in 2020, she appears as Sarah in The Opening Act.

Well, the lady is a walking example of body positivity. She, though has had her vices, is still very positive about her looks and very confident with what she does! That might’ve been the reason why she was cast as Lauren in Glee, right?

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