Anne Hegerty isn't married to anyone though it was rumored she had.

Complete Detail on the Controversial Married Life of Anne Hegerty!

The quiz show presenter Anne Hegerty‘ married life is as confusing as it gets. While Anne says she isn’t married, her so-called husband says she is. So, who do we believe?

Anne Hegerty is an English TV personality who was born on 14 July 1958, at Westminster, London, England. She was also a contestant on the TV series, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! While on the ITV show, she revealed a great deal of things about her love life. So what did she reveal?

Is Anne already married or is she dating someone? Let’s find out!

Is Anne Hegerty Married?

Well, the answer is a big NO!!! The 61 years old, TV personality, Amy Hegerty, herself clarified that she’s not married at all. However, there’s been a huge rumor of her being married for a long time.

Anne Hegerty says she isn't married at all.
Anne Hegerty claims she isn’t married!
Source: The Sun

According to her Wikipedia page, Amy was married to her husband, a man named, Jake Hester in 2015. You won’t find it there now as it’s now been deleted!

While Anne was a participant in, I’m a Celebrity in 2018, she revealed that someone had changed her Wiki page info to married; wed to Jake Hester. Following this, she tried changing things in Wikipedia but, she’s stopped trying now.

I used to go into my page to change things like where I was born and my hometown but I’ve stopped bothering now. It still claims I’m married to someone called Jake Hester! I seriously don’t know who he is.

Anne Hegerty talks about trying to change her marital status.

Well, she spoke about this around November 21, 2018, when her Wiki page was still saying Jake Hester was her husband. Now, it’s already long gone!

How did the Rumors Arise?

When people found out from Wikipedia that Anne Hegerty had a husband, they started looking for her rumored partner. After a long deep search, her followers found out a Twitter account by the same name and there he was, with his photoshopped snap alongside Anne.

Jake Hester's photoshopped photo alongside Anne Hegerty.
Jake Hester claimed Anne Hegerty is his wife.
Source: Jakes Hester Twitter

In the photoshopped picture, Anne can be seen in a red gown while her so-called husband is wearing a white suit. Soon after finding the post, her The Chase star, Mark Labbett commented on the post.

Well played, sir! Are you Harvey the RAbbit, Maris Crane, or Keyser Soze?

Mark Labbett asked Jake who he was!

Following this, the so-called spouse of Hegerty also replied with sarcastic humor saying that he would become anything his partner wants him to be.

Makr Labbett asked Jake Hester who he was through his Twitter.
Jake Hester jokingly replied to Mark Labbett’s tweet asking who he was.
Source: Jake Hester’s Twitter

Well, the person also asked Mark to go on a double date after Anne returned from the jungle.

Jake Can’t Believe Anne Lied?

After Anne Hegerty claimed that she didn’t know who Jake Hester was, he took to his Twitter on November 21, 2018, to share his sadness. He just couldn’t believe that Anne, with whom he’s lived for 7 years-then, had lied about Hester.

Jake Hester claimes he and Anne have been married for 7 years.
Jake Hester claims he and Anne have been married for 7 long years.
Source: Jake Hester’s Twitter

Jake again tweeted the same day, but now, he was furious! He wrote that his seven years of married life went down in vain. He also wrote that he and his wife were going through a rough patch. Here’s the post!

Jake Hester says his marriage with Anne went down in vain.
Jake Hester says his married life with Anne Hegerty was going down the drain.
Source: Jake Hester’s Twitter

Though Jake posted this on his Twitter, the I’m a Celebrity star didn’t care much about it.

Anne Hegerty’s Reason for Being Single!

While on the TV show, I’m a Celebrity, Anne Hegerty shared her thoughts with her fellow participant, John Barrowman. While talking to him, she stated that she couldn’t hold on to relationships because of her autism.

John asked her if she had a partner to which she replied that she doesn’t. She opened up about her autistic problems which always made her feel claustrophobic in a relationship.

That’s why I kind of thing that’s (relationships) probably not intended for me.

Anne Hegerty talking about her love life with John Barrowman.

While talking about her love life, she also divulged that she receives lots of flirty messages from women on Twitter.

I have to say to them I’m very flattered, but at the same time, your gaydar is broken.

Anne Hegerty talking about her love life with John Barrowman.

While talking to her The Chase co-star, Mark Labbett, he claimed that Anne had a masculine approach to relationships and that she cannot commit. He also went on to reveal that her Aspergers’ was the reason behind her approach.

Because of Asperger’s, Anne has quite a masculine approach to relationships which has led people to think she bats for the other side.

Mark Labbett on Anne Hegerty’s failed relationships.

Mark also claimed that if her boyfriends would ever mention commitment, she would ask them, ‘Why?’ Anne is someone who hates commitment.

Well, let’s just hope she finds the love of her life soon enough.

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