Who is Alyson Hannigan Married to? All about Her Personal Life!

Alyson Hannigan is an actor and TV host famous for portraying Willow Rosenberg in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Lily Aldrin in How I Met Your Mother. She is also known for hosting Penn & Teller: Show Us.

Hannigan was born on March 24, 1974, in Washington D.C., the US to Alan Hannigan and Emilie Posner Haas. Her parents divorced when she was two and her mother raised her alone.

Alyson graduated from North Hollywood High School. Similarly, he completed his graduate degree in psychology from California State University, Northridge. Follow this link to find out about Alyson Hannigan’s net worth!


Alyson’s Married to Alexis Denisof

Alyson Hannigan walked down the aisle with Alexis Denisof at Two Bunch Palms Resort, Desert Hot Springs, California, on Saturday, October 1, 2003. The pair met for the first time while shooting Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s third season in 1999.

Alexis and Alyson Hannigan Denisof's Wedding Day photo.
Alexis and Alyson Denisof got married in 2003.
Source: Instagram
Alexis and Alyson's Wedding day photo.
Alexis and Alyson started dating in 1999.
Source: Instagram

It was Alyson who made the first move. She asked Alexis out but he didn’t want to date anyone because he just got out of a difficult relationship. She got into a relationship soon after!

I was trying to pursue him, but he said he didn’t want to date somebody he was working with. We developed a great friendship and I started dating someone else.

Alyson tried to ask him out but he didn’t want to date.

Alyson started dating someone but Alexis couldn’t turn a blind eye to their relationship. Well, things changed. The pair started developing feelings for each other and fell in love pretty quickly. Though they were dating, they were never in a hurry to get married.

I took my mom’s advice and thought really hard about the whole thing — and didn’t marry until I was nearly 30.

Hannigan talks about her mom’s advice.

A year before their marriage, Alexis took Alyson to his mother’s house to celebrate Christmas but they stopped by a lake around Sonoma and Napa for a while.

The whole time I am getting kind of frustrated, like, ‘Why does he always do this? He says the most romantic things and it would be the perfect way to propose and then he doesn’t propose.’

Hannigan was frustrated because Alexis didn’t propose.

Well, this time, Denisof did propose!

And then, suddenly, he did. “I was like, ‘Huh?’” she said. “Everything in my brain just screeched to a halt. I wish I had TiVo, so I could rewind the whole thing. … It was a complete surprise. But I knew he meant it because he had a ring.”

Alyson was wonderstruck on Denisof’s proposal.

The pair hitched a year later and settled in Encino, California. InStyle Magazine featured her wedding in their February 2004 issue.

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Renewal of Vows

In 2013, on their 10th wedding anniversary, they renewed their vows. Alexis proposed to her with a ring again and she said yes, again! She shared her happiness through her Twitter!

My hubby @AlexisDenisof surprised me with the most romantic day of my life yesterday! Which included another proposal & ring! I said YES!

Alyson Hannigan's Twitter post revealing her vows renewal.
Alyson and Alexis renewed their vows on their 10th wedding anniversary.
Source: Twitter

Now, it’s been 17 years since their marriage, and they are still in love. They find time for each other despite their hectic shooting schedules.

We love being together and it just feels like part of my heart is gone when he’s gone.

Alyson says she can’t be away from her husband for too long.

Mother of Two

From her relationship with husband, Alexis Denisof, Alyson Hannigan has welcomed two kids, both daughters.

Alyson Denisof's family photo.
Alexis and Alyson Denisof have two kids, both daughters.
Source: Instagram
Alexis and Alyon's family photo.
Alyson and Alexis welcomed their first child in 2009 and the second in 2012.
Source: Instagram

The duo first announced their pregnancy in October 2008, five years after their wedding. They welcomed their first child, Satyana Marie Denisof on March 24, 2009. Yes, Satyana shares her birthday with her mom.

Denisof Family Halloween costumes. .
The Denisof family wearing matching Halloween costumes.
Source: Instagram

The pair had thought about naming their first child Madeline, but, when she realized the name was a popular one, they dropped this name. They even took four days to name their first daughter since Alexis and Alyson were busy debating over how to spell “Satyana”.

[When I got pregnant the first time] we thought of traditional names like Madeline. Then I went on name websites and realized how popular it was which made it go down in ranking. As the pregnancy progressed, the ideas became unique. I loved Satyana but we didn’t name her for four days because we were debating over how to spell it. I finally said [to Alexis], ‘We have to name her because I am tired of calling her baby girl.’

Alyson on finding their first daughter’s name.

Alyson and Alexis welcomed their second child, Keeva Jane Denisof on May 23, 2012. For their second kid, they chose a Gaelic name, which “resonated right away.”

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Satyana is 12 years old while Keeva is 9 years old as of 2021. Their elder daughter is now in 6th Grade while their younger daughter is in the 3rd Grade.

Satyana and Keeva Denisof.
Alyson’s daughters, Satyana is in 6th grade, and Keeva is in 3rd grade.
Source: Instagram

Alexis and Alyson are also godparents to Joss Whedon‘s son, Arden Whedon.

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