5 Facts You Need to Know about Allison Rosati!

The American TV reporter Allison Rosati is a household name for most people. She rose to fame for her newscasting skills with the WMAQ-TV.

Born to Finnish and Italian parents, Rosati studied speech and communications from the Gustavus Adolphus College. Following her graduation, she started her career from KTTV-TV, then, moved on to WGRZ-TV, and finally, to WMAZ-TV, where she went on to become one of the most popular TV reporters of all time.

Well, her fans still wanna know a lot of things about the reporter. So, here we have listed five of them!


5. Allison Rosati Weight Loss

The 5 feet 7 inches tall Allison Rosati’s fans claim the newscaster to have lost a ton of weight. But, is it true?

Allison Rosati is thought to have lost weight but has she?
Her fans think Allison Rosati has lost weight but has she?
Source: Allison Rosati’s Instagram

Well, we are confused as well! One of Allison’s fans once posted on her Facebook page and asked her what her weight loss secrets were but, she remained mum all the time. This was two years ago in 2018. To date, Rosati hasn’t uttered a word about losing weight.

Here’s more to Allison Rosati’s weight loss story, if you wanna know more about it.

4. Net Worth of $3 Million

The 5,6, and 10 pm NBC5 newscaster, Allison Rosati has earned a net worth of around $3 million from her career as a reporter. She made this fortune after starting her career in 1985 from KTTC.

Rosati worked at KTTC for two years before moving to WGRZ-TV, where she worked till 1990. She’s been a part of the WMAQ-TV for 30 years now, and still, she’s leading the way as the co-anchor of the NBC5 News. So, how much does she get paid from her newscasting job? Well, she earns a salary of around $400 thousand per annum. Well, this kind of sum for 30 years of her career will surely make her a multimillionaire she is now with her $3 million fortune.

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3. Bore Four Kids with Ex-Husband

The NBC5 Newscaster Allison Rosati is a divorcee. She walked down the aisle with her former husband, Dr. Lee Dennis, in a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony at the Holy Name Cathedral on March 20, 1993.

During their love life, they gave birth to four kids, two sons, and two daughters. Their first kid, Nicholas Lee Dennis, was born on July 18, 1994, while her second son is Stephen Dennis, born on October 15, 1996. Allison’s first daughter is Katherine Mary Dennis, born on June 16, 1998, while her second is Kristen Allison Dennis, born on April 7, 2001.

Allison Rosati and her kids wishing Christmas 2019.
Allison Rosati with her four kids and pet dog.
Source: Allison Rosati’s Instagram

After 21 years of marital relationship, Allison and Dennis separated. Their divorce was finalized on January 17, 2017. Did Allison get married after her separation? Well, not really, now, she lives together with her family, her kids and her pet dog, in their Burr Ridge House in Illinois.

2. Advice to First-time Parents

While talking about good parenting, Allison Rosati has a piece of advice. For the new parents, she recommends holding tight to their priorities. She also suggests that they should put their family first as it makes their decision clear.

Rosati, in addition to this, also believes that life isn’t about the big choice but small choices that we make along the way.

If you take the time to read to your children before heading off to work … or find a way to get to the ball game and still make the evening news… those little things add up and keep you connected to your family.

The newscaster also believes that getting away with just your spouse once in while should be a topmost priority because it’s what reminds a married couple why they tied the knot and had kids.

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1. A Fan of CUBS

Well, the journalist, Allison Rosati, loves the baseball team, CUBS. When it comes to Chicago Baseball, the team was her first love.

I loved walking to Wrigley Field, having a beer, and mustard pretzel and enjoying the little slice of heaven.

But, she also admits that she has fallen in love with the White Sox thanks to Warner Saunders, Jim Thorne, and Paul Konerko. She loves to watch baseball and feels that the Sox were great during their World Series run. Though that, she also says that she prays for the Cubs to get their chance.


  1. Allison was a member of the school’s choral group, The Lucia Singers.
  2. She was the winner of Minnesota’s Junior Miss in 1980.
  3. Rosati has also worked as a drive-thru shift leader at McDonald’s during teenage.

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