What We Know About Allison Rosati Weight Loss?

The News anchor Allison Rosati has always been a hot topic thanks to her award-winning NBC 5 News. In recent days, however, she has come to fame for her weight loss. But, has she lost weight?

The Italian-Finnish news anchor came to fame way back in 1980 after she won Minnesota’s Junior Miss pageant. Since then, she walked down the aisle with her husband, bore four kids, divorced her partner, and now at the age of 57, she still looks 30. What’s her secret?

Is it because of her recent weight loss? Or has she been sick? Well, let’s find out!


Allison Rosati Weight Loss Details!

Well, the famous news anchor, Allison Rosati, started looking younger and younger as she aged. Some of her fans noticed how she was losing weight and looking thinner and more stunning every day.

Allison Rosati is thought to have lost weight but has she?
Her fans think Allison Rosati has lost weight but has she?
Source: Allison Rosati’s Instagram

On May 4, 2018, one of her fans, Silver Fox (Shari), mustered up the courage to ask the mother of four what her weight loss secrets were through a Facebook post. She wrote that she was a life long fan of Allison and said that she had been noticing her weight loss.

I would really like to know what u have been doing so that I too can loss some weight. Please share my life at 62 isn’t what I have hoped in part due to my weight. I have tried many things so please please share. I thank u and will be a fan until the day I die.

Well, there were several comments on this post, most of them asking about her weight loss secrets. A fan, Lorel Blameuser commented,

Yes, you look great!! Exercise & healthy eating? or sugar, carbs = keto lifestyle? Do tell…

Another fan with the FB handle, Dolores Lola Rodriguez, also pleaded what her weight loss methods were. She wrote,

Please Ms Rosati please tell us what you are doing for your weight loss you look amazing, tell us to give us encouragement to try again, how much have you lost in weight and total inches. Use a gym?

Some of her fans also thought that her weight loss was because of some type of surgery, but was it? Or was it because she was ill that she lost weight? How did Allison Rosati lose weight? Did she say anything in regards to that?

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Well, unfortunately, Allison remained silent. She didn’t say anything about her weight loss secrets; she’s kept her methods to herself. Until she reveals it herself, we can just assume she changed her lifestyle, consumed a healthy diet, and started working out with a trainer.

Allison Rosati Now!

The 5 feet 7 inches tall Allison Rosati is busy with her career as a newscaster at the moment. She currently lives with her four kids, Nicholas Lee, Stephan, Katherine Mary, and Kristen Allison Dennis, and her pet dog, Apollo, in Burr Ridge, Illinois.

Allison Rosati and her kids wishing Christmas 2019.
Allison Rosati with her four kids and pet dog.
Source: Allison Rosati’s Instagram

While Rosati is active on her Facebook page, she has been inactive on her Instagram since December 26, 2019, when she last wished her fans a Merry Christmas. Recently, during the coronavirus outbreak, on April 1, 2020, Allison asked her fans to join them on lighting a small candle outside their home.

Well, that’s about it for now. But, we’ll surely keep you updated on the details if she ever reveals about it. Also, do comment below if you know anything about her weight loss.

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