5 Interesting Facts of Alex O’Loughlin!

Alex O’Loughlin is an Australian actor, director as well as a writer who is very famous for his portrayal in the American television series, Hawaii Five-0 as Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett.

The 6 feet 1 inch tall actor who started his career back in 2002 has around 16 acting credits under his name with most of his movies and TV series, a superhit.

Well, we all are aware of his successful career, but there are many other things about his life which you all might not be aware of. So let’s find out some of them!


5. Ripped Since Early Days

Alex O’Loughlin has been a practitioner of martial arts since he was 6 years old. He is still learning various marital arts such as the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu, and Tai Chi. Well, all these practices see to the fact that he remains shredded throughout the year.

Alex O'Loughlin got ripped thanks to his diet and workout regimen.
Alex O’Loughlin lost his weight thanks to his diet and workout.
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Around 2012, his fans also saw him lose a ton of weight. During that time, he was down to 175 lbs and even, 7% body fat. How did he do that? Well, the man worked out for two hours daily six days a week, and followed a strict diet plan to get that physique.

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4. Married to Malia Jones; Father of Three

The 43 years old, Alex O’Loughlin married his longtime girlfriend turned wife, Malia Jones. They shared the wedding vows on April 18, 2014, in their Hawaii home.

Alex O'Loughlin with wife, Malia Jones, and kids.
Alex O’Loughlin with his wife and kids.
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They got married after their firstborn son, Lion O’Loughlin, who was born in 2012 became 18 months old. Following their marriage, the duo welcomed another kid, Spike Jones O’Loughlin. Together, the pair is also raising Alex’s son, Saxon O’Loughlin from his previous relationship.

To talk about Alex’s dating relationship before his marriage with wife, Malia, he has had a number of dating relationship to date. In 2005, he was seen dating Holly Valance. Their relationship lasted for four years as in 2009, the duo broke up. Following this, O’Loughlin then started his relationship with Amber Clayton which didn’t last for more than a year. Likewise, the actor was also in a brief dating relationship with his girlfriend, Jodhi Meares.

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3. Living Lavish Lifestyle with $25 Million Net Worth

The successful Australian actor Alex O’Loughlin’ net worth is $25 million as of 2020. He, who started his career back in 2002 soon after his graduation only has 16 successful acting credits, but that was enough for him to earn a fortune. Most of his earnings is thanks to his appearance in Hawaii Five-0, where he is supposedly paid around $200 thousand per episode.

Alex O’Loughlin’s fight scene from Hawaii Five-0.

According to records, back in 2016, his net worth was calculated at around $7 million and he used to get paid around $115 thousand per episode for his role in Hawaii Five-0.

Here we have listed out some of his movies which has earned huge amounts in the worldwide box office collection.

MoviesBudgetBox Office Collection
The Holiday$85 million$205.19 million
Whiteout$35 million$17.84 million
The Back-up Plan$50 million$77.48 million
Oyster Farmer$2.38 million
August Rush$25 million$65.3 million

Back in 2011, the actor bought a $3.5 million mansion at Diamond Head, Oahu, Hawaii. A fire broke in his Diamond Head home in 2014. Though it was contained in about 20 minutes, he had to suffer $110 thousand in damage. During this time, his house had a valuation of around $4 million. He also has a house in West Hollywood, California.

2. Suffered from Asthma, ADHD, and OCD

The Aussie actor Alex O’Loughlin suffered from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), and asthma as a child. Alex spoke to GQ Australia about his problems and stated that he still had ADD and that he had learned to live with it.

It affected my learning when I was younger and I was never medicated for it. It was something that did make me feel like I was different and apart from everyone, made me feel isolated.

Alex O’Loughlin spoke to GQ about his ADHD.

Alex further added that every one of his girlfriends had gone crazy at him because he took too long to respond. They thought he was rude or ignoring them but, that wasn’t the case, was it? Now, he doesn’t have OCD but,

If I get OCD about something, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I have to do it.’

Alex O’Loughlin spoke to GQ about his ADHD.

Well, his rough childhood might have been the reason of his problems. If you’re thinking about how his childhood was rough, then keep on reading!

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1. Son of Astronomy Teacher and Nurse

Alex O’Loughlin was born on August 24, 1976, in Canberra, Australia. His father worked as an astronomer in Sydney while his mother was a nurse. He has a sister, Jennifer O’Loughlin who is younger than him.

When Alex was just two years old, his parents separated. After this, he had to travel between Sydney and Canberra as his parents started living in different cities.

Developing an interest in acting from an early age, he enrolled at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney in 1999 and graduated from there with a Bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Arts in 2000.

Bonus – Quick Facts of Alex O’Loughlin!

  • In his early days, he wanted to become a jet fighter pilot.
  • During his teenage days, he worked as a plumber for three months as a part-time job.
  • While filming August Rush in 2007, he was a roommate with Rhys Meyers in New York City.
  • The actor is also very good at cooking and once shared that he has a special meatball recipe.
  • From his role as Dr. Andy Jablonski in Three Rivers, he learned to tie the surgical knots.
  • Currently, he is the brand ambassador for Donate Life America.
  • He has very good skills in fishing.
  • As a child, he was a great fan of the heavy-metal band, Iron Maiden.
  • For his roles in Moonlight, he took training in Kung Fu and Taichi and did his own stunts.
  • In 2010, he was ranked no. 2 in the listed TV’s 100 Sexiest Men of 2010 by a website, ‘BuddyTV’.
  • Alex learned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the famous, Rigan Machado, at The Beverly Hills in a private session.
  • His ideal superpower would be Flying.
  • Alex sings Johnny B. Goode’s songs in the shower.
  • O’Loughlin thinks a girl looks the hottest in a sarong and his T-shirt.
  • Did you know he’s a skilled juggler?
  • The actor has six tattoos.

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