[Updated] Details on Action Bronson’s Weight Loss of 50 Lbs!

The American rapper Ariyan Arslani, more famous as Action Bronson, recently revealed that he had lost a lot of weight of around 50 lbs or 22.6 kg during this lockdown.

Bronson is an American chef, author, TV host, rapper, and also an actor. He started his career as a chef but later on, transitioned to a music career after he broke his leg in the kitchen.

Well, we’re not here to talk about his career, are we? Keep on scrolling to know all about his weight loss secrets.


Action Bronson’s Weight Loss Details!

On Wednesday, May 13, 2020, Action Bronson spoke to the TMZ Live over a video chat where he showed off his weight loss of 50 lbs. During the interview, the shirtless rapper first spoke about his monetary loss and then moved on to talk about his weight loss.

Action Bronson was over 286 lbs in 2017 and now he's dropped it by 50.
Action Bronson revealed in a live interview about his weight loss of 50 lbs.
Source: Billboard

Bronson revealed that when he had nothing to do with his concerts canceled, he became aware of his eating habits and his weight. While talking about his diet before, he says, it was “just animalistic.”

In the nearly 10-minute interview, Action revealed that he lost 50 lbs, but he still has to lose another 60 lbs or 27.2 kg. But how did he lose 50 lbs?

I run, I do my push-ups, I do a lot of cardio work.

Action Bronson on his weight loss.

Not only did Bronson worked out like crazy, but he also made sure he drank a lot of green juice, at least two times a day.

For the past two and a half months, I’ve just been on my game. It’s a life change.

Action Bronson on his weight loss.

Well, that says a lot about his weight loss journey. During the interview, the rapper also revealed about his new album, which was due to release on July 11, 2020.


Following his weight loss, his fans took to Reddit to talk about his body transformation. One fan with the ID, Weedjus_and_Kelly wrote,

Hope he takes care of himself. Happy for the weight loss, but the dude is huge. Don’t wanna lose Bronsolino.

His fan on his weight loss.

Another fan commented,

Without a full commitment to his health, he is not going to live a long life just due to the stress that being that overweight puts on the heart and organs.

Bronson’s fan on his weight loss.

Well, you can find more about this on this Reddit post here.

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Action Bronson’s Weight Loss Experience in the Past

If you thought the TV host Action Bronson’s recent weight loss was his first then, you’re wrong. He had gone through a weight back in 2015 as well, and that time as well, he dropped around 50 lbs.

Action Bronson calls in to Ebro to talk about his emergency surgery.

While talking to Ebro of Hot 97, Action revealed that he had an emergency surgery credits to his old powerlifting injury.

While he was in rest at Alaska, where he had his surgery, he shed 50 lbs but, during that time as well, he had a goal weight of 230 lbs. Did you know in 2017, he was 286 lbs or 130 kg?

Well, that’s about it about Action Bronson’s weight loss. He became aware of his eating habits, worked out, changed his eating habits, and now, he’s 50 lbs lighter. Now, all we need to do is wait for his new album and his appearance in Pete Davidson’s semi-biographical movie, King of Staten Island.

[UPDATED] Action Bronson Talks about Weight Loss

On June 6, 2020, the rapper Action Bronson took to his Instagram to share a video of his workout and on its captions wrote about what drove him to lose all the pounds.


Bronson says he got to a weight of 363 lbs or 164.6 kg. Following this, he was scared and so, he worked hard for three months, and now, he’s down to 298 lbs or 135 kg.

At the moment, he’s working his first week alongside a good friend. Let’s hope he gets to his desired weight!

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